Everything you need to know about the red dragon camera

Everything you need to know about the red dragon camera


The Red Dragon Camera has been a record breaker since its very launch. It takes the digital camera market into a whole new level all thanks to the features the Red dragon camera has to offer. It has been compared to still cameras and has received nothing but rave reviews from the cinema community. It’s time to check out the red dragon camera price in India right now.


Here’s everything you need to know before purchasing the Red dragon camera

Previously the epic model came with the very well known ‘Mysterium-X’ sensor, launched in the year 2011, flaunting 13.8megapixels. However, the dragon sensor has now successfully replaces the ‘Mysterium-X’ sensor. The Dragon records in the REDCODE RAW format. The compression ratios can begin at 3:1 and can go up to 18:1 in order to save on data and ultra-high frame rates. The frame rates for the 6K video variant consists of 1 to 85 frame rate per second.

The Red Dragon has been compared to various commercial cameras of its league if not better and it has been noted that the red dragon has a high color depth and image correction and dynamic range feature. This makes it one of the top rated cameras for an all-round cinematic experience.

If you are looking at the red dragon camera price in India then this is the time to do so. The red dragon camera offers exceptional cinematic capture. The red dragon camera has the rawness that still camera captures and it supersedes the HDSLRs in its convenience and ease of functioning. In terms of performance delivery, it sets a bench mark when it comes to digital cameras used for filming.

Low light image capture is where all the thrill is. Breakthrough filming styles have been conquered thanks to good low light image capture.  The Red dragon is highly sensitive to low light image capture and functions with high efficiency. An effortless auto correction has been observed in the Red dragon camera. The colour sensitivity of the red dragon is exceptionally high. With such high and precise colour sensitivity, the camera work expected from the Red dragon is quite promising. The Red dragon camera has very low noise levels, thus resulting in high colour depth and an impressive wide dynamic range.

The Red dragon your quintessential camera for exceptional camera skills and cinematic brilliance. It is a value for money offer. Its high level of colour sensitivity coupled with high mega pixel pitch might just be the perfect bargain for professional cameramen. The Red dragon camera is the right choice for big budget movies, high end advertisements and good quality cinema. It delivers what it promises. It is one of the few cameras that actually acts a step stone to what the technology of filmmaking can be.

The Red dragon does not require any special mount and allows its users to use any of the generic mount they may have. Thus making it slightly more user friendly and accommodating, thus eventually also cost saving. Explore the website and call in to know the red dragon camera price in India.