Cinematic RED EPIC camera

Planning to buy the RED EPIC camera and wondering about the RED EPIC camera price in India? This guide will tell you everything you need to know about this popular camera system!

The RED EPIC camera has revolutionised the way we look at film-making and cinematography. The RED EPIC series, known for its high quality filming capabilities, has constantly been upgrading itself. In one of the most recent upgrades, the HELIUM sensor has been introduced.


As compared to the older 6k camera sensors that are ubiquitous in the RED series, the HELIUM is a whopping 8K Sensor. This works in favour of the Director of Photography or cinematographer. For instance, even when the project deliverable is a 4K file, shooting on the 8K sensor leaves a lot of scope for flexibility.  The video quality shot on an 8K converted into a 4K will be higher than usual.  Subtle factors such as skin tone effects and general shooting and adjustment flexibility are much higher on the RED EPIC cameras. It’s easy to go wild with the post-production adjustments when it comes to the RED EPIC cameras.

RED EPIC camera price in India is slightly high but the value for money that it offers is beyond a shadow of a doubt.

Excellent features, great takeaway

With boot times of a paltry 8-10 seconds, the RED EPIC can shoot 90 frames per second in 5K, almost 120 frames per second in 4K and almost 300 frames per second in 2K. Its easy-to-use touch interface makes it simple to adjust shutter speed, white balance, aspect ratio and frame rate with no hassles whatsoever.

One of the key features of this camera is its detachable parts. Many of the accessories or parts can be added and removed as per requirement, making this an extremely convenient system for long duration shooting schedules.

The perfect camera for exceptional filming

Filming on the RED camera is an exhilarating experience by itself! While it may be a slightly expensive affair for a small-budget travel vlogger or small-time film-maker; it is a dream for someone who has an entire production set up. The flexibility and post-production advantages give the RED camera an edge over many other cameras.

RAW Shooting feature

Film-making is undeniably breath-taking with the RED EPIC camera. The best part about it is its RAW feature. Usually, when a camera without the RAW feature is used, the cameraman needs to be very aware and dependent on the shot lighting, ISO and other features. RED however steals the show in terms of shooting RAW. All you have to do is shoot the scene and then fix up the shot later. This is why the shots captured through the RED EPIC are amazing and unforgettable.

Great Video

One of the setbacks of the RED EPIC is the lack of any kind of audio system or microphones. However, the high-end video quality makes up for the lack of a microphone. The RED EPIC has a 17 stop dynamic range which is among the best available.

All in all, the RED EPIC is a great camera that offers you high-quality videos with excellent colour correction facility. A film-maker’s dream – the RED EPIC has the ability to capture the dream and translate it into glorious reality.

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