All you need to know about Red Komodo….

The blueprint is out

On February 4th, Red has released the blueprint of Komodo for its third-party manufacturers so that they can start working on its accessories. Bright Tangerine, instantly confirmed working on some accessories. We can be certain, that Jarred’s private accessories brand Global Dynamics United (GDU) will also have enough stuff for Komodo. Click here enlarge blueprint


Some things to know

We have followed the Komodo thread for some weeks now and have tried to collate as much information possible. This camera was first mentioned in the year July 2019. Red’s CEO Jarred Land has been posting in his Instagram account about Komodo as an ‘affordable’ red camera.

In posts on REDUser, Jarred Land revealed new things about its sensor and the camera potential. The Komodo will have a Komodo 6K Super35 sensor that measures 27.03mm x 14.25mm (6144 x 3240). If you do the calculation, the sensor is more significant than “conventional” Super35 sensors. RED camera’s Komodo for the first time, will support phase-detect autofocus.


Is there any footage from Komodo?

There is no footage available yet from Komodo. Jarred mentioned, they are still refining Komodo’s R3D color science and can expect first official footage soon.


What about the price and release date?

Komodo was believed to be presented for RED HYDROGEN One owners at a reduced price. The reduced price was thought to be under $5,000. The price guess was $6,000 for customers who do not own HYDROGEN.

The release date for Komodo has not been decided yet. There may be some delay due to Corona virus in china. Company has made some arrangements in US, Japan, Mexico, Europe and even Singapore. Our assumption is that it might be somewhere around April end if there are no more delays.

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